Oliver Pattison standing in a forest with a backdrop of branches and yellow leaves

Photo of me by Jean Flanagan, CC BY-NC

I am Oliver Pattison, a designer focused on the future of the web. My main interests are archiving, usable and universal design, typography, and photography. I like to work on open source projects, and I am open to collaboration and work opportunities. Have any questions for me? Send me an email.

I currently live in Washington, DC. I am originally from New York City.

I’m available for hire and interested in collaborating on projects.

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About this site

This website is an archive for my work, featuring:

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Design and development

I designed this site in the space of a few weeks in October and November 2014. Development continues regularly.

Early in the process, I established a pattern page with reference examples of general HTML and specific use cases for my own designs. The site is built with Jekyll, hosted with Amazon CloudFront and S3, and version-controlled with GitHub.

I would like to thank Jean for editing and design input.


The fonts on the site (300, 400 and 500 weights of the Ratio typeface are hosted by Typekit. The 400 weight of Menlo (or Consolas or the default monospace as a fallback) is used for code samples.

How this site is designed

Oliver Pattison standing in a forest with Sapphie, the dog